Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 56

Well we thought we were done with winter but Mother Nature had other plans for us!! It started snowing on Sunday night (3/1) around 7pm and didn't stop fully until Monday afternoon (3/2) around 5:30pm. Harry and I both stayed home and worked from there. We couldn't even get out of our driveway in the morning....there must have been about 14 inches of snow at the foot of our driveway. There are pros and cons of living on a busy street....we get plowed right away but then there is a ton of heavy, slushy snow right in front of our driveway.

Harry took the snow blower out and it took him about 1.5 hours to clear the driveway. We haven't had snow like this in a few years. Its beautiful to sit inside and watch it come down but horrible if you have to drive or be out it it.

Here are some pictures I took from the windows.

Day 55

My niece Bella, my mom and I went to a "Mother & Daughter" Luncheon that Bella's school PTA sponsored. My sister was working and couldn't make it so asked if we would take Bella. It was at a local catering hall. We had a fabulous time. The food was great, the kids danced and danced and danced! It was great to watch them all dressed up also.

I took this picture of Bella with my cell phone...we laughed because she said it looks like she has a huge head.

Days 53 & 54

I was out kind of late on Thursday night with an old friend, so needless to say I slept late on Friday morning! :D nothing exciting going on and the same thing for Saturday.
Harry and I did catch a movie Saturday night..."The International" It was very good.
There was a scene in the movie that was filmed around the corner from my office building. There are these 2 guys that run a food cart...I see them all the time and they were in the movie! I will have to see them today and tell them that they are famous!! LOL

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 52

Harry took me out for dinner for my birthday...we had sushi.

Of course we were playing around and he grabs my Blackberry and starts taking pictures of me.

When I stuck the edamame in my mouth like this he was laughing so hard! I just had to share!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I woke up this morning, very tired, then I remembered...its my birthday! It only comes once a year, so enjoy it! :D My birthdays are different than others...I got older each year until I hit 21...then I have stayed the same age for 23 years! Isn't that a great trick??? ;)

Day 50

This is where Pesto sits while I am on my computer. I think he thinks he is a bird the way he is perched on the printer. He then chases his tail and falls off of the printer. He does this every night....I didn't say he was the smartest cat around! HA-HA

Monday, February 23, 2009

Days 46, 47, 48 & 49

After a really rough week at work, I wanted to do nothing but stay in bed....hence the lack of posts to my blog. Sorry all!
It was a good weekend. Had the family over for dinner on Sunday. Everyone enjoyed then we had cake for my parents anniversary, my moms b-day and my b-day. The actual day is on Tuesday but its easier to get the family together on a Sunday. :D
I am hoping that this week will be a better week at work. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :D